What we have here is probably Grand Seikos best release of the year. My first Impressions started off as loving this piece but felt like I was the only one. Lets face it, pulling off a pink dial for a mans watch is unheard of. Sure Salmon dials have been quite popular as of late, brands like Patek Philippe embraced to color with their 5004g piece unique or Audemars Piguets Royal Oak 15202 Salmon dial that we saw earlier this year. But full on pink is a different story. As of right now judging by the comments on all our videos & articles I’ve read. The pink dial SBGA413 is by far the most popular out of the four.

How did Grand Seiko manage this? Well for starters it makes sense. Around March, April & May it’s Spring time in Japan. Spring in Japan however is quite different from anywhere else. If you aren’t aware of what it’s like during these months, then the pink dial is probably a bit confusing. In a nut shell during Spring, The cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, are usually only in full bloom for around a week. After the full bloom the flowers start to fall gracefully from the trees. The blossoms are said to be the most beautiful in the final stage In Japan the blooming of the cherry blossom trees symbolises human life & nobleness. The inspeation for the dial comes from the white and pink petals that float to the ground.

The dial does infact play with the light quite drastically. in some lights it has a soft pink dial while in darker settings it turns into a very soft shade of white with shades of pink. Out of all the Seasons collection, they definitely perfected this dial to perfectly showcase the Spring Inspiration

Let’s get the specifications of the watch out of the way. This watch is 40mm across with a 21mm strap size and a thickness of 12.9mm. However, as you can probably tell the watch is bezeless. Due to the fact, that actually makes the watch appear a lot smaller on the wrist. Quite frankly I can’t see any wrist size that can’t sport this. Now, unlike two models out of the four, this watch is made out of full titanuim with the famous zratsu polishing finish. Also known as mirror like finishing. Zratsu polishing tends to spoil you when it comes to finishing, it’s like seeing in high definition for the first time. It’s absolutely ridiculous in a very good way.

The movement inside this watch is the 9r65 Spring Drive Caliber. The movement is accurate to +- 1 Second per day & +- 10 seconds per month. So if you are obsessed with accuracy & absolutely love the ultra smooth sweep of the Spring Drive movement. I would go with this or the SBGA415.