Within the new collection, the most overlooked model is definitely the SBGH273 Fall edition….. At first glance it’s just a simple blue dial while the others have crazy patterns or color combinations. The SBGH271 for example with the Emerald Green dial contrasted with gold accents. That said, as with all Grand Seikos the key is to look closer…..The closer you look the more beautiful the simplicity becomes apparent. The dial isn’t just blue, it has a very suttle pattern that elevates the dial when you look closer. After handling many blue dials over the years I can honestly say this has one of the richest blue dials I have seen in a long time.

It doesn’t have a sunburst effect, yet is finished so immaculately that the bottom of the hand reflects the on the dial. The blue dial shines in both bright settings & very darks settings which is rare for a darker dial. The gold hand accents beautifully with the blue dial in a very suttle way while having the rest of the indices in silver to keep the simple look.

The inspiration behind the SBGH273 is the Season of Autumn. The entire collection is inspired by the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Autumn & Summer. The thought process behind this specific model was to capture the clear night sky during the season of Autumn. Not so cold yet not so hot weather either, the temperature for the most part in Autumn is just right.

Just like this watch. There’s something extremely relaxing about this dial which is hard to pin point & I can imagine how beautiful this would look on a vintage brown strap or a suede black strap for more casual vibes.

Let’s get the specifications of the watch out of the way. This watch is 40mm across with a 21mm strap size and a thickness of 12.9mm. However, as you can probably tell the watch is bezeless. Due to the fact, that actually makes the watch appear a lot smaller on the wrist in a good way. Quite frankly I can’t see any wrist size that can’t sport this. Now, unlike two models out of the four, this watch is made out of full stainless steel with the famous zratsu polishing finish. Also known as mirror like finishing.

Finally we have the 9s85 caliber which is actually a high beat movement & not a spring drive. Within the collection we have 2 spring drive movements and 2 Hi beats. The Spring Drives are reserves for the Spring and Winter while the 9S85 is reserves for Summer and Autumn. The 9s85 is a high beat that beats at 36,000 vph and has a power reserve of 55 hours and an accurate of +5 and -3 seconds a day, which is not ground breaking but is decent for a hi beat caliber. If you want insane accuracy, I would definitely consider a spring drive instead.