Which Is A Better Brand: Richard Mille vs. Hublot

Richard Mille vs Hublot

Richard Mille and Hublot are two brands that produce masterpiece collections. The two brands have shown professionalism in watchmaking by embracing extreme precision and producing legendary designs.

The Richard Mille watch models are famous for their sophisticated designs, which have visible and detailed design elements. The main feature you will find with Hublot watches is the extravagant combination of high-quality materials in their models.

When you look at the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang collection, you will notice a unique housing shape, a mix of traditional and modern aesthetics in the watchmaking industry.

At first, you might not notice much difference between the watch models from Richard Mille and Hublot. Despite the many similarities, you can’t miss spotting some differences between the two brands.

Both Richard Mille and Hublot are luxurious watchmaking companies based in Switzerland. To thoroughly compare these two brands, we will also look at two famous watch collections from the two luxurious Swiss watch brands

Richard Mille RM vs. Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

Richard Mille Wristwatches

Richard Mille Brand History

Richard Mille watches enjoy global recognition for their models. For many years, the brand has continued to embrace uncompromising precision and progressive designs in all their models. Richard Mille is a Swiss luxurious watchmaking company founded in 1999 by Richard Mille and Dominique Guenat.

The brand is currently based in Les Breuleux, Switzerland. Richard Mille timepieces are described as innovative watches with high recognition for value. The brand produces watches, which fall in the Haute Horlogerie masterpiece category.

These luxurious watches are highly-priced. Richard Mille, the founder and a French entrepreneur, unveiled the first luxurious watch by the Richard Mille brand in 2001. For the past two decades, the brand has continued to grow in popularity, attracting the attention of top global artists like Natalie Portman, Jackie Chan, renowned tennis player Rafael Nadal, Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa, and world-class sprinter Yohan Blake.

Richard Mille Brand Inspiration

Ever since it was founded, the Richard Mille watch brand has embraced the spirit of impressive functions, unusual materials, and avant-garde designs. The Richard Mille brand is inspired by motorsport, making timepieces that show the greatest combination of advanced technology and excellence in designs.

When you look at the material and technology used by Richard Mille on their timepieces, you will notice they are lightning-fast, high-tech pieces. To compete with other top brands like Hublot, Richard Mille watches meet the highest standards for perfection in the Swiss watchmaking industry.

This world-famous timepiece maker might be young in the market, but with impressive features like the Flyback Chronograph RM11-03 and Tourbillon Extra Flat RM017, it stands out among legendary watchmaking brands like Hublot.

The Richard Mille inspiration has seen the brand embrace future-oriented technologies in watchmaking like:

  • Draconic quality controls
  • Exemplary workmanship
  • Curved profiles achieving highest ergonomics
  • Immeasurable complexity
  • Use of innovative materials like titanium, carbon composite, and carbon TPT

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

Hublot Big Bang History

Many watch connoisseurs have described Hublot Spirit of Bing Bang as a successful model in the horology industry. The Big Bang collection was first launched in 2005, despite the Hublot Company being in operation since 1980.

The first design of the Big Bang collection was created with round housings. This much-cited Hublot collection has gained more popularity compared to the futuristic Richard Mille watch models. The Spirit of Big Bang models are made from top-class tech materials and are presented in different variations.

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang presents the highest level of watchmaking innovation. There was a great sensation in the global watchmaking industry when Hublot introduced the Spirit of Big Bang models with the barrel-shaped watch case.

One of the Spirit of Big Bang models that have made a statement in the luxurious watch segment as a classic watch is the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tonneau series.

Watch connoisseurs who are into extravagant, luxurious watches will find the Big Bang Integral, Unico Golf, and Sang Bleu II to be more appealing.

Hublot’s Brand Noble Extravagance

Founded by Carlo Crocco in Geneva in 1980, the Swiss watchmaking brand now focuses on making some of the most expensive watches globally. Hublot currently has its main headquarters in Nyon. Hublot revolutionized the horology industry when it launched its first Big Bang collection in 2005.

The Big Bang collection was made using complex designs and unusual material compositions. The new Hublot Spirit of Big Bang offers an optical fireworks display with its Tonneau design case.

The collection has other extravagant features like three-dimensionally titanium designed in H-shaped, skeletonized manufacture movements, visible mechanics, and imposing crowns. Hublot has gained great success from the Big Bang collection. The massive success of the Spirit of Big Bang can be attributed to:

  • Clever collection concepts
  • Specially crafted alloys like the Magic Gold
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Unmistakable image
  • Fascinating and diverse materials compositions: ceramic, stainless steel, Kevlar, rubber, carbon
  • Costly but complex production

Design and Style

Richard Mille has an impressive portfolio containing every timepiece for every single style. The collections include timepieces for both men and women and have colorful, luxurious designs. The RM models in bright nuances and pastel tones are made up of colored ceramic/TPT carbon cases and hand-painted dials.

The RM Tourbillon Fleur RM 19-02 is a unique piece with its magnolia blossom dial. The ladies’ RM 07-01 gold bracelet and enchanting dial adorned with precious sparkling stones exudes pure femininity. The watch models from RM are indeed designed with the greatest attention to detail.

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is more than a technical masterpiece; it’s a wristwatch that makes a statement. The bold creations of the brand and the motto of “art of fusion” have contributed significantly to its sensational success.

The brand continues to use diverse materials like titanium flow, gold, and zirconium. The Spirit of Bing Bang collection uses in-house Hublot movement, which is made using high tech alloys like Magic Gold. The Hublot Unico movement is one of the unique movements in the watchmaking industry.

Like RM, Hublot also has men’s and women’s watches in its Spirit of Big Bang collection. The Unico movement, which offers high precision results, is available in both men’s and women’s watches. Hublot also uses the finest jewelry art in their watches. The Spirt of Big Bang collection has diamond and gemstone timepieces enchanted with glamour and glitter.

Performance, Character, and Prestige: Richard Mille vs. Hublot

The Hublot brand has always remained loyal to the “art of fusion.” Richard Mille has also emphasized innovative techniques and exquisite materials to maintain a high demand for precision and design. The two Swiss brands keep on setting new limits and fall in the watchmaking industry’s avant-garde category.

Watch models from both Richard Mile and Hublot are very popular among celebrities, watch collectors, and watch connoisseurs. The top RM watch designs are known for their unmistakable racing-inspired designs. Hublot, on the other hand, has more focus on sports, especially football. 

Despite the two brands having similar designs, they have independently managed to fine-tune their collections and create a specific aesthetic. Both brands represented exquisite character, prestige, and performance.

However, Hublot still stands out as the best. Not only does the brand has a rich history in the watchmaking industry, but it also has a more excellent reputation among watch buyers and collectors compared to Richard Mille.


Richard Mille and Hublot Big Bang models have a virtuoso design, exquisite materials, and long-standing watchmaking traditions. Richard Mille and Hublot both produce high-end luxurious watches that fall in the top price category.

Watch enthusiasts looking for timepieces representing exciting designs and groundbreaking technologies will find suitable watch from either of the two brands.

The Richard Mille vs. Hublot brand comparison shows the two brands competing vigorously when it comes to robustness, exclusivity, workmanship, and quality. Hublot takes the crown of being the best when all these factors are taken into consideration.