Tag Heuer vs. Longines: Which is the Better Luxury Watch Brand?

Tag Heuer vs Longines luxury watch brand

When there are more similarities than differences, it’s natural to get confused while selecting between two brands. Tag Heuer and Longines are both luxury watch brands and share more similarities than differences, but this article will make it easy for you to decide which brand is best for you. We will analyze the following features of both brands:

  • Brand History
  • Brand Recognition
  • Craftmanship
  • Water-Resistance
  • Warranty
  • Price: Value for the money
  • Resale Value
  • Comparable Models

Tag Heuer History

Edouard Heuer founded a watch company in 1860 and named it Heuer. Soon this company managed to distinguish itself from the rest of the watch market producers for its craftsmanship and accuracy. Within a couple of years, the sports industry recognized the company, and its watches were often used for tournaments, including the Olympics.

This all became possible due to the company’s intention towards pushing boundaries to introduce stylish and accurate chronographs in the market. The company formed enduring partnerships with motor racing teams and involved charismatic ambassadors to highlight the most precise watch in the conventions.

Through its ambassadors in the sports industry, the company reflected the brand image and values of teamwork, mental strength, courage, and ambition with the slogan of “Don’t Crack Under Pressure.”

In 1985 the TAG group announced the purchase of Heuer company and combined both companies and named it Tag Heuer. Later in 1916, Tag Heuer achieved an important milestone of designing Mikrograph, a mechanical movement to measure 1/100th of a second.

In 1920, the Olympics used this watch as their official timekeeper. Furthermore, Astronaut John Glenn wore Heuer 2915A and earned Heuer a distinction of the first watch ever in outer space. To date, the company has kept its status as a top brand in the industry.

Longines History

Auguste Agassiz founded Longines in 1832. The company produced several watches but made headlines for the first time when they started producing in-house movements. But the crown-wound mechanism was their first of its kind watch that helped elevate Longines as a top luxury watch brand throughout the world.

Maintaining its newly achieved status in the luxury watch market, the company also focused on producing trustworthy, well-designed, and accurate wristwatches. The focus on accuracy earned Longines contracts with the sporting industry, and it became the first watch brand in New York sports events.

In the early 1930s, the company added aviation to its focus and launched the first model for the industry. Since then, the company is known as a high-quality luxury watch brand for both performance and presentation.

Brand Recognition

Although both brands have a great identity in the market in terms of recognition, Longines is far ahead of TAG Heuer. Longines’ recognition is due to its more established and historical roots dating back to the 1880s. Presently, Longines is 24th on the brand recognition list of Swiss watch brands.

TAG Heuer is less recognized possibly because of its repeated rebranding. TAG Heuer is in the 34th position on the mentioned list of Swiss watch brands.


Longines and TAG Heuer differ from a craftsmanship point of view. Longines brand is known for its refined watches and beautiful handcrafting on their movements. In most mechanical Longines watches, case backs are transparent, allowing you to see the mechanical movement.

Longines also produces high precision quartz watches. You can easily feel elegance and sophistication in both sporty and dressy Longines watches.

While TAG Heuer watches are hard to build and present stunning movements, they are much more practical and sporty even after using finishing techniques.

Water Resistance

All models of a brand cannot be the same in terms of water resistance. It varies from model to model. Longines has an entire collection of water-resistant watches called the Hydro Conquest, offering a water resistance rating of 300 meters.

Although TAG Heuer has no such collection of water-resistant watches, a TAG Heuer model, Aqua Racer Automatic, has a water resistance rating of 500 meters.


A warranty ensures quality and encourages a customer towards a specific brand. Nowadays, a more extended warranty is considered as a brand’s confidence in its product, giving the brand an edge in the market.

If you spend a decent amount, a warranty boosts your confidence towards the product with a more extended warranty. But the warranty will not help you choose between Tag Heuer and Longines because both brands offer only a two-year limited warranty.


Price may not be an important aspect for you, but for the product, price plays an important role in terms of product demand, sales, and market share. It builds the product image and acts as a tool for sales promotion.

Longines and Tag Heuer watches start at a list price of $725 and $1,000, respectively, for entry-level watches. There is a slight difference, which becomes more evident in high-end watches.

The price of high-end Longines watches goes beyond $17,000, and in the case of Tag Heuer, it crosses $26,000. For example, for Longines Prima Luna Watch, you have to pay $17,875, while for a Tag Heuer Carrera x Aston Martin, the price is $26,250.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your luxury watch, then the resale value becomes the most important factor. There is not much difference in Tag Heuer and Longines’ resale price, but still, the resale price of a Tag Heuer watch is slightly better than Longines.

Here, among other factors, the condition and edition of your watch also play an essential role. If your watch is in great condition, it can be sold at a relatively better price. What’s even more important is that if your watch is a limited-edition model, it may sell for more money than its original price.

Comparable Models: Tag Heuer vs. Longines

Both luxury watch manufacturers, TAG Heuer and Longines, are highly reputed Swiss watch brands, but Longines takes an edge being a comparably more established brand. However, we will compare the best models from both brands in the sports and chronograph watch categories.

Best Sports Longines Watch – WAZ1110.FT8023 Formula 1

The Longines Sports Legend Black Dial is the finest sports watch by Longines. Great precision, 42 mm stainless steel case, and its reliability and functionality are the premium features you will get for its premium price.  This sports watch’s super compressor design delivers water resistance up to 300 meters and excellent timekeeping accuracy.

Best Sports Tag Heuer Watch – Sports Legend Black Dial L3.674.4.50.0

The name itself, Tag Heuer Formula 1, represents Tag Heuer’s history with the automobile racing industry. Tag Heuer Formula 1 denotes features like exceptionally fresh design, sporty look, a stainless-steel case of 41 mm, Swiss quartz movement with analog display.

This model is the best sports watch of Tag Heuer history with a durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial, luminous markers, luminous hands for enhanced visibility, and water-resistance up to 200 meters.

Best Longines Chronograph – Heritage Avigation L2.779.4.53.2

This is the best precise chronograph Longines have ever made. With a stainless-steel case of 49 mm, Longines has used an anti-corrosive finish in this model for improved longevity. With an excellent balance of shiny stainless-steel case and black dial, Heritage Avigation is equipped with Swiss automatic movement and an analog display.

Arabic numerals, two sub-dials, date display located over at the 6 o’clock position, and impressive 54-hours power reserve makes this the best Longines Chronograph ever.

Best Tag Heuer Chronograph – CAZ2011.FT8024 Formula One

The premium price tag of Tag Heuer Formula One brings values that make it highly attention-grabbing.  This watch features a 44 mm stainless steel case, durable and comfortable rubber straps, and Swiss automatic movement with an analog display.

It features three sub-dials and a tachymeter bezel. Durable sapphire crystal protects the dial, making this Tag Heuer model remarkably scratch-resistant. This perfectly precise chronograph has a water-resistant rating of 200 meters.


Choosing between Tag Heuer and Longines is difficult due to their rich history and quality wristwatches. But brand recognition is the segment where Longines takes the lead. Better brand recognition can also ensure better resale value when required.

If you choose either Longines or Tag Heuer, you will choose a brand with values like history, quality, precision, and craftsmanship.

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