Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet

Patek Philippe vs Breguet

As a big fan of luxury wristwatches, you most likely have come across the Patek Phillipe and Breguet brands. These brands have created a ripple effect in the world of luxury wristwatches, and over time, have catered to influential people.

When looked at as individual brands, it is easy to spot their differences and strong points. However, comparing these brands isn’t exactly straightforward. This raises the question:  Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet, which luxury wristwatch brand is better?

Before you choose what brand to patronize, you should consider a few factors, especially your personal tastes. However, when you examine these wristwatch brands in terms of the quality of their products and aesthetic value, Patek Phillipe and Breguet always seem to be close competitors.  This article compares Patek Phillipe and Breguet, and it will help you make a choice you can be proud of.

Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet: Which Luxury Wristwatch Brand is Better?

To help you make the Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet decision, we will examine these wristwatch brands individually. We will take a quick look at them in terms of:

  • Reputation/popularity
  • Quality of products/craftsmanship
  • Resale Value
  • Accuracy (in terms of timekeeping)
  • Durability


Before we take a closer look at these brands, you should know this. Both brands are world-class luxury wristwatch manufacturers, and possessing their products isn’t a tiny feat. They are both popular in their own ways. However, when paired against each other, one brand beats the other in terms of popularity.

Patek Phillipe is more popular than Breguet for many reasons, including the brand’s long history of making wristwatches for royalty (including Queen Victoria) and their unconventional and innovative designs.

If you’re looking for a wristwatch with which you can make a social statement or just for the feel-good quality of being affiliated with a more popular brand, this should answer the Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet question.

Quality of Products/Craftsmanship

This is another factor you should pay close attention to before deciding what wristwatch brand to patronize. Although there are many reasons why you may be purchasing the wristwatch, getting something of superior craftsmanship and quality remains of utmost importance.

In this aspect, both brands do a great job, and the final choice will depend on your personal tastes. Patek Phillipe is generally known for manufacturing wristwatches that are timeless, sleek, and elegant. A close look at their designs reveals they are suitable for all kinds of events and can be worn by anyone, from the business executive to the athlete.

This design concept makes the brand a delight for all who have purchased their wristwatches. Many people still testify that even after a long period of possessing their luxury wristwatches, they can still wear them at any time.

Breguet, on the other hand, is known for something different. From the inception of the brand, Breguet has been known to create complicated and intricate wristwatches. Most of their products are characterized by being stone-studded, multi-faced, and of eccentric designs.

This reveals the amount of care and meticulous preparation that goes into the design processes. Both brands pay close attention to their design processes and exhibit a level of precision in manufacturing their wristwatches.

However, if you’re looking for something vintage, timeless, and less likely to attract undue attention, Patek Phillipe will be a better choice for you.

Resale Value

This is one factor many people haven’t been able to wrap their heads around. A luxury wristwatch, if handled well, can prove to be an excellent investment. This is because most luxury wristwatches are created from top-quality raw materials, are durable, and increase in value over time (or drop very slowly in rare cases).

Many factors affect the resale value of a luxury wristwatch, especially the brand involved.  In terms of resale value, Patek Phillipe beats Breguet. Hence, it is a better option for you if you’re looking to sell off your luxury wristwatch after a period of using it.

Its resale value is higher because Patek Phillipe is a more popular brand, and they focus on manufacturing timeless wristwatches. Because they’ve been able to find the balance between trendiness and sustained usability, Patek Phillipe wristwatches last for a long time without their value dropping exponentially.

This fact remains proven over time, as is the case of the Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime, which was sold at an auction in Geneva for $31 million. This sale beat all records set by luxury wristwatch brands.

So if you’re looking for a sleek wristwatch you can resell at a fair price, even after you’ve used it for a while, you may want to go for a Patek Phillipe wristwatch.


All luxury wristwatch brands are intentional about this factor. No one wants to spend thousands of bucks purchasing a wristwatch that will only prove to be inaccurate after a few short months of use. For this reason, special care is taken as luxury wristwatch brands produce their wristwatches.

In terms of accuracy, Patek Phillipe and Breguet offer spot-on products. Before they are released, wristwatches from these brands undergo a series of careful testing. These tests make sure that their products are accurate and won’t suddenly develop faults as they get into their buyers’ hands.

To this end, both brands have adopted different techniques. As their craftsmanship and resources began to expand, Patek Phillipe gave up the world-standard Chronometer certification. Before that time, every luxury wristwatch brand had to ensure that their products passed the

Chronometer test, and although it was reliable to an extent, Patek Phillipe knew they could do better. To replace this, they developed the Patek Phillipe Seal, as opposed to the Chronometer certification benchmark, which required luxury wristwatches to have a score of at least +6 -4/24 hours.

The Patek Phillipe seal raised the bar. This seal requires that all Patek Phillipe wristwatches must have an accuracy score of -3 +2/24 hours. This implies that within 24 hours, a Patek Phillipe wristwatch must keep time to within a minus 3 to plus 2 seconds interval.

In a nutshell, Patek Phillipe wristwatches can only lose a maximum of 3 seconds or gain a maximum of 2 seconds within 24 hours. According to the brand’s high standards, anything short of this is substandard. Breguet also prioritizes accuracy.

Breguet wristwatches generally have a precision score of a tenth of a millimeter. Also, dial plates of Breguet wristwatches are carefully turned by hand, and then they are coated with silver. This finish gives them a breathtaking appearance while helping to maintain their accuracy.        


You must ask this one question before deciding on what luxury wristwatch to purchase and which brand to patronize. The durability of the wristwatch is mainly dependent on the quality of materials used in its manufacture and how careful the owner has been with it.

Patek Phillipe wristwatches are produced using the best materials. The leather, silver/gold, precious stones, and every other material that goes into the production processes are top quality and obtained from choice sites.

As a result, Patek Phillipe wristwatches are durable and not susceptible to wear, tear, and damage. Also, their waterproof qualities make them much stronger and less likely to fall into disrepair easily. Like Patek Phillipe, Breguet also pays close attention to the quality of materials used in the production of their wristwatches and how durable their products are.

The utmost attention is paid to the kind of materials used in production, and Breguet wristwatch manufacturing plants are some of the most equipped Swiss wristwatch manufacturing plants in the world. The result of this is that Breguet wristwatches are stylish, trendy, usually colorful, and durable.

Lately, Breguet wristwatches have incorporated waterproof technology, contributing to their durability. In terms of durability, answering the Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet question proves to be challenging because both brands have their perks and cater exclusively to their customers’ needs.


The decision of which luxury wristwatch brand to patronize can sometimes be difficult because each luxury brand has its perks. However, if you’re at that point where you’re stuck between options and asking the Patek Phillipe vs. Breguet question, taking a critical look at the issues we have discussed in this article will help you make the best decision for yourself. Here are some breathtaking options from our Patek Phillipe and Breguet collections.