Sinn vs. Damasko: Which is the Better Luxury Brand?

Sinn vs Damasko luxury watch brand

Sinn and Damasko are reputable German watch brands. If you are asked to choose between these two renowned watch brands, you might be too overwhelmed as each watch has achieved much success.

You should note that when we’re talking about Sinn vs. Damasko, we aren’t just talking about their reputation or prestige. Many things are being considered before choosing the best among the two reputable and outstanding brands.

These factors include horology, watch models, reputation, prestige, history, and resale value. It is well known that both Sinn and Damasko are prominent and are often considered when buying a luxury watch from the German watch industry.

Today we shall debate which among the two German watch brands is more luxurious. So if you have been longing to buy either a Damasko or Sinn watch, but you are too overwhelmed to make the right decision, this article is for you. Before comparing the two brands, let’s take a quick look at the history of each brand.

Brief History Of Sinn

This reputable brand history dates back to 1961, when Mr. Helmut Sinn, a pilot instructor and former World War II pilot, founded the Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren’. The brand focused on navigation cockpit clocks and pilot chronography in their first year.

In 1994, Lothar Schmidt took over the company and ushered a new era of great watchmaking with technological improvements. Apart from that, Schmidt also oversaw Sinn’s international subsidiary’s production and logistics, A Lange and Söhne.

At that time, Schmidt changed the name of the brand from Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren to Sinn Spezialuhren. The high innovation and instrumentation of Schmidt in watchmaking leads to Sinn’s remarkable success and technological advancements.

The company was founded with the dream of manufacturing watches that work in extreme conditions, and they did. Sinn manufactured the 140S, worn by astronaut Reinhard Furrer for his space lab mission in 1985.

A new era begins for Sinn as Schmidt’s strategic reorganization lets the brand chase after the latest and innovative technological expertise. The company’s technology upgraded after they launched the Sinn 244 model that was made from titanium and came with magnetic field protection. The reputable model was built primarily to reduce magnetic disruptions in severe conditions.

According to the brand, titanium watches are the best as the element absorbs body temperature and reduces electric voltage reimbursement between the skin, thereby protecting its wearer from static shock.

When paired with the magnetic field protection, the Sinn 244 model is the ideal watch for armed officials and pilots as it nullifies all magnetic disruptions caused during flight.

In 1998, the brand set on a mission to improve its current technology while working on a few new technologies. At that time, they engineered the temperature resistance technology and developed special lubrication oils that help keep the internal components lubricated, thereby preventing aging. This enabled their watches to work accurately and read precise time between -45°c to +80°c.

In 1999, the brand hit its milestone after launching the 203 AR KITS prototype for deep divers. In the same year, Sinn founded the Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH in Glashütte, Saxony, to manufacture more technologically advanced watches for them.

This made Sinn more reputable as  Sächsische Uhrentechnologie GmbH (SUG) was the first watch manufacturer to get the DIN EN ISO 9002 and remains the only German brand to achieve that. Sinn closed the year 1999 with the launch of the Frankfurt Financial District Watch collection.

From 2009 to 2011, the brand keeps pushing boundaries, making more innovative and technologically advanced watches that read accurate time in extreme conditions. In 2012, in partnership with Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Sinn produced the Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren – TESTAF, the best technical standard for pilots watches to meet the required time measurement during flights.

Until now, Sinn watches have shown how great they are in intense water diving, 24-hour-long endurance races, and other extreme situations. This outstanding brand currently sells more than 12,000 watches per year.

Brief History of Damasko

The Damasko family started creating their family watches in 1994; however, they didn’t hit the milestone until 2000. The founder of the company, Konrad Damasko, established the brand with the sole aim of producing the most rugged watches that can survive in any condition.

Other than that, the Damasko watches are known for their reliability and robustness. The brand uses high-grade materials and modern designs; this gives their watches the ability to defy all odds and always look new even after years.

Over the last ten years, many German Eurofighter Pilots have used the Damasko’s DC 56 Si Chronograph. Most of their watches go by the name of number references and have outstanding characters like Sinn watches.

The company’s notable achievements include their ice-hardened steel, which is four times more substantial and robust than the most used stainless steel in the watch industry.

The steel also has high scratch and impact resistant qualities. This upholds the company’s values in developing quality everyday watches.

Incorporated into the manufacturing of Damasko’s hardened crowns are strong lubrication cells, true movement decoupling, and Viton gaskets that will only need replacing if the watch is exposed to catastrophic events.

With all these achievements, only five Damasko family members managed the brand industry together with a team of several watchmakers, machinists, and craftsmen.

Over the last two decades, Damasko has worked tirelessly to become a forerunner in the German watch industry by producing accurate, durable, and exceptionally luxury watches.

Sinn vs. Damasko: Which Brand is More Recognized?

This is very clear; we all know that Sinn is more recognized than Damasko. This is because Sinn was established in 1961 while Damasko was established in 1994, a year in which Sinn achieved many things.

Another thing that makes Sinn more recognized is its many exquisite and outstanding watch models like the 203 ARKTIS and the 140s. However, this doesn’t mean Damasko isn’t recognized; it’s also a recognizable brand compared to others.

If you are a compliment lover, go for Sinn watch models.

Sinn vs. Damasko: Which Brand is More Prestigious?

Damasko makes many types of watches, and their timepieces are outstanding and robust. The use of ice-hardened steel contacts to the known stainless steel makes the company more prestigious and reputable.

On the other hand, Sinn produces the best watches that give accurate time precision in extreme conditions. They also have more technological advancement than Damasko. Let’s conclude that Sinn is more prestigious than Damasko, but not by far.

Sinn vs. Damasko: Which Brand Holds More Resale Value?

99% of those that can afford Sinn or Damasko watches would not think of selling them. But looking into the resale value of these brands can’t be wrong. Sinn is a prominent and leading brand; therefore, its watches have a high resale value because they are unique and iconic.

Also, Damasko watches are affordable, so their resale value won’t be much. You must note that the more recognized and prestigious a brand is, the more resale value it holds; this can be seen when comparing other luxury watch brands like IWC and Rolex.


In a nutshell, both Sinn and Damasko brands create good watches, though there’s a bit gap between the two. All are made in Germany, use Swiss-made movements and have a great build and finishing. It’s not easy to choose the best.

An excellent way to choose is to look into your personal preference, taste, and budget. But when we look at Sinn’s brand recognition, their rarity models, their watches’ ability to withstand high temperature and extreme conditions, their prestige and quality, and the great history of the brand and its achievements make them more luxurious than Damasko.

So if you are looking for a better brand to buy good, quality, and stylish watches, choose Sinn Spezialuhren, and you will not regret it.