Junghans: Interplay of Black and White

Design and color scheme of the limited max bill Edition Set 2020 reflect its source of inspiration: The variation 5 from the artist’s first graphic series “quinze variations sur un même thème.”

Fine white details on deep black: This year’s max bill Edition Setfrom Uhrenfabrik Junghans consummately expresses the variation 5 artwork from Max Bill. Limited to 222 pieces worldwide, this 2020 collector’s item consists of two wristwatches: a max bill Chronoscope and a max bill Kleine Automatic. The puristic design of both time pieces is based on the creation Max Bill had crafted during his year-long cooperation with Junghans. With a diameter of 34 millimeters, the small automatic version has exactly the size of the original design from 1961.

The color scheme of the Edition Set pays homage to one specific piece by the Bauhaus artist that can be found on the case back of both watches: The variation 5 from the first graphic series “quinze variations sur un même thème.” The graphic series illustrates how one single geographic pattern can evolve into 15 different variations. With this work Max Bill wanted to demonstrate “that concrete art entails an endless amount of opportunities.”

In the artwork, fine white circular lines join the corner points of the main theme, with selected sides of the basic form as prominent white bars on a deep black background. The graphic structures of variation 5are reflected in the design of both timepieces: Case and dial are presented in matt black. In characteristic Max Bill typography, the white of the hour digits and the luminous substance on the hands exhibit a striking contrast.

These accentuations take up elements from the artwork by Max Bill. In addition to the white leather straps which adorn both watches, two black calf leather straps are also included in the Edition Set as optional replacements. Thanks to the convenient quick-release clasp, the high-contrast appearance can easily be exchanged for a monochrome look of both watches.The max bill Edition Set 2020 showcases a fascinating interplay of black and white. Just like its source of inspiration: The variation 5from “quinze variations sur un même thème.”