Prospex The Black Series Limited Edition

The tropical seas show many expressions as the sun sets, changing its color from a cobalt-blue to a dark jet-black wrapped in the silence of the night. The mystical charm of the sea at night makes night diving a sought-after activity for those fascinated by the contrasting appeal from the sea at daytime. Today, a series of all-black diver’s watches inspired by the dramatic and mysterious world of the nighttime ocean is born.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Edition SLA035J1

As culmination of Seiko’s developments in watchmaking technology, today a saturation diver’s watch in an all-black case with a red-accented dial offering water-resistance of up to 300m is introduced.

The properties of water absorb light of high wavelengths, such as red, while shorter wavelengths, such as blue and purple, are harder to absorb and reflect off of the sea.

Red light is increasingly absorbed deeper under water, making it difficult for red objects to be seen. Light reflected from the ocean contains a lot of the blue color that remains unabsorbed which results in the blue appearance of the ocean.

Red light is hardly absorbed in water at depths of 300m making red objects and organisms invisible. Instantaneous judgment becomes critical under deep levels of water and the edges of the seconds hand and the 300m mark on the dial are therefore applied red to eliminate unnecessary information allowing for instantaneous readability.

The watch has sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface. The bezel display material is black-colored zirconia ceramics to ensure both high legibility and rigidity. The red seconds hand disappears under the deep ocean but adds a nice aesthetic for daily use.

Seiko Prospex Black Series Limited Edition SPB125J1 / SSC761J1

From the Prospex diver’s watch comes two models that combine the practical functions of a wristwatch with the waterproof functions of air diving. The impressionable orange accent of its design also make these watches perfect for daily use.

Black hard-coating is applied to the stainless steel case of the watch whose design has long been popular amongst wearers by the nickname “SUMO.” The orange of the minute hand echoes the light flashed in the dark sea by the night divers which allows for the exact time to be read under dark conditions.

Seiko’s unique Lumibrite ensures legibility in the dark world of the night sea. The watch’s markers are applied a special Lumibrite in the same orange color. The watches are water-resistant to 200 meters and has a screw-down crown to ensure the safety of the divers from any accidental operations.