Omega Seamaster 300 Ceramic & Titanium Review

Since 1993, the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M has enjoyed a legendary following. Today’s modern collection has embraced that famous ocean…

Since 1993, the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M has enjoyed a legendary following. Today’s modern collection has embraced that famous ocean heritage and updated it with OMEGA’s best innovation and design.

This is Omegas best dive watch to date….. While some might find it a bit large, the technical aspect of the watch is extremely impressive…. The first Seamaster omega introduced was in 1948….. & since then it has been obvious that Omega didn’t have a clear path for the Seamaster. They released a crazy amount of variety to suit anyones wrist. From Soccer timers to world timers, to dive watches to simple everyday watches such as the Aqua terra line & Omega even dabbled in Gold, titanium & ceramic as we see here today.

However, that being said… it’s hard to argue that the most iconic Seatmater ever produced was the 1993 Bond Seamaster with the iconic Wave dial…. Fast forward to 2012 Omega removed the wave pattern on the dial & added ceramic. That same year Rolex released their updated Submariner which has the same formula of ceramic materials and a nice glossy black dial. Many believe Omega removed the wave pattern to compete directly with the Submariner. However, in late 2018 early 2019 Omega brought back the wave dial. This time bolder than ever. The 2019 Ceramic & Titanium reference is the boldest of them all.

Allow me to start of by addressing the elephant in the room. The size. This is a big watch coming in at 43.5mm with a thickness of 14.5mm which is quite balanced with the size of this watch. The watch is big & there’s no getting around it. Personally I would prefer this to be a 40mm watch. That being said, when handling this watch… theres something about the big case mixed with blacked out ceramic & titanium that makes this watch feel extremely utilitarian. The style feels like it would be worn over the vest of a swat team member or worn over a dive suit. Infact I tried this on over a bomber jacket & call me crazy but it looked really cool. That said, besides the cool factor of the size. It is a big watch & definitely wont work on smaller wrists.

The movement inside this watch is the 8806 a variant of the 8800 but without the date. The 8806 is METAS certified & is antimagnetic up to 15,000 Gaus. The movement also has the co-axial escapement instead of the standard swiss lever which according to Omega helps pro-long service intervals from 3 to 5 years to about 10 to 15 years.

The watch itself is stunning. The Laser cut wave dial that sinks into the dial & plays with the light better than any dial Ive experience to date. The Seamaster utilizes white enamel on the bezel to really make it pop & to assist with longevity as well. The watch still has the helium escape valve at the 10 oclock which seems to really upset many collectors but I personally don’t mind it as it is part of the 1993 Seamaster DNA. Best thing about this watch is it doesn’t have a date which is a positive for many including myself. The white a black balance on this watch is extremely satisfying & I’m really glad they didn’t put the red Seamaster text on this one. That would have disrupted the overall stealthy aestetic.

Overall I absolutely love this watch though I would love to see a 40mm version or even a midsize version of this watch. The Stealthy aestetic is really stunning in the metal & with the 8806 mixed with the use of ceramic, titanium & that gorgeous dial. Makes this Seamaster one of Omegas best releases to date.