Based on the design of the U-2 range which was originally developed for and inspired by a select number of elite military squadrons, 2018 sees the launch of the Bremont U-2/51-JET. The new timepiece incorporates a striking combination of the brand’s trademark vintage ‘51’ lume, originally found on the Limited Edition P-51, together with heat treated steel blued hands. As well as drawing inspiration from some of the past U-2 models, the U-2/51-JET adds a new dimension to the range taking fresh design cues from a military project commissioned by the RAF’s 100 Squadron to celebrate their centenary and complement their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft. The 100 Squadron was the first squadron formed for night bombing back in 1917 and its stealthy appearance led to the introduction of a new case and middle barrel colour for this watch, aptly named ‘Jet’. Turning the watch over reveals an exhibition case back showing the beautiful automatic movement through tinted black smoked glass.

The U-2/51-JET takes design cues from a military project commissioned by the RAF’s 100 Squadron and their Hawk T1 Jet aircraft

Nick English, Bremont Co-Founder; “Our military projects continue to be an amazing test bed for new design features and the work we did for the Hawk T1 Fighter Squadron is a prime example of this. The jet black that is synonymous with them was a key focus to translate into the watch design; to that end we developed a new type of anodization which helped us achieve a much deeper black on the aluminium barrel. If you compare this to the U-2 DLC for instance you can really see the difference. The colour contrast between the jet black, vintage lume and blue hands makes for arguably our stealthiest watch to date.

By changing the radiuses on the traditional U-2 case, the U-2/51-JET is tougher and more hard wearing than ever. The extensive testing history behind this range and its proven military credibility, having been put through its paces on missions flying at 80,000 ft for over 12 hour stints and tested to temperatures as low as -50 degrees, makes this an incredibly durable pilot’s watch. Equally this timepiece incorporates some advanced technology including Bremont’s renowned antishock rubberised movement mount, designed to withstand the MB ejection seat programme, and Roto-Click® technology on the bidirectional rotating inner bezel which measures 60 minutes