MooN Blue Nebula / MooN Andromeda Nebula

Nebula is a colorful cloud in deep space consisting of gas or dust. The dial of the MooN Nebula should symbolize this special feature. The MooN is a mechanical high‐tech lunar‐phase‐watch of the superlative.

It´s display is luminesce, patented and depicts the lunar cycle of the northern and southern hemisphere realistic like a photograph with a maximum divergence of only one day in 122,5 years. For a complete Astron rotation the moon needs siderisch 27,3217 and synodisch 29,52 days. A simple lunar‐phase‐watch measures one moon cycle with 275 days.

To keep the lunar‐phase‐watch precise a very complicated wheel work is needed. Analogous to the daily divergence of the moonrises, low and high tide daily occur about 50 minutes later. Spring tide at times of full and new moon show how enormous powers the moon has on the earth´s water supplies. The phases of the moon have sustainable influence on our lifes. But in our modern life we are far away from living according to the natural light and tide rhythms, so that we need a lunar‐phase‐watch to become aware of the current phase of the moon.

Therefore lunar‐watches and moon calenders are having a recent renaissance.The drawback of most lunar phase watches is their imprecision, only a very few highly expensive watches ar precise for decades. The phases of the moon have always been a topic for Schaumburg Watch: Our aim was to integrate a most realistic lunar‐phase‐chronometer with most precise functionality into a wrist watch. The fotorealistic depiction of the MooN with its 13,4 mm is ought to be the world´s biggest lunar‐phase‐chronometer that you can find in an automatic watch.

Thereby not the depiction of the moon itself moves but the simulation of the earth shadow. Therefore the moon stays visible like in a starlit night even when it is new moon. During full moon its small image on the display shines like its big paragon because of the Superluminova A‐Grade luminous mass. A further superlative that was developed by Schaumburg Watch is the choice to order the MooN with the lunar phase on the right or left side for the northern or southern hemisphere.

This self‐development is based on an innovative minute wheel system that allows to deliver the model with the lunar phase depicted on the right or left side according to the latitude.

Another highlight is the almost absolut precision of the lunar‐phase‐chronometer.


  • Steel polish, brushed
  • Case diameter: 43 mm
  • Water resistance: 50 m / 165 feet
  • Sapphire crystal with AR coating
  • Dial: mother of perl special colors
  • Base movement: automatic SW‐11, Swiss Made
  • MooN modification by Schaumburg Watch
  • Function: perpetual moon, hour, minute, date
  • Finish: perlage, rhodium plated
  • Rotor: côtes de Genève
  • Strap: leather