IWC vs. Zenith: Which Is The Better Luxury Watch Brand?

IWC vs Zenith luxury watch brands

IWC vs. Zenith Luxury Watches

You have come to the best watches review site for all your luxury watches brands for a comparison of the IWC and the Zenith watches. This post highlights all that you need to know about IWC and Zenith watch brands.

It gives you all the best tips you need to know whenever shopping for a luxury watch from the two well-established luxury watch brands. Let’s now compare IWC and Zenith luxury watch brands and help you make that ultimate decision on which is the better luxury watch brand to go for.

IWC Luxury Watches Brands

About IWC

IWC was founded by the famous Florentine Ariosto Jones, a watchmaker from Boston, back in 1868. Later, Schaffhausen’s engine expert Johannes Rauschenbach-Vogel acquired IWC.

Every luxury watch customer doesn’t compromise whenever it comes to the money they spend on timepieces.

Hence, luxury watch customers, especially those who love the IWC brand, want to have value for their money. For the IWC luxury watch brand, the clientele loves the craftsmanship in the engineering of the watches.

All To Discover About IWC Luxury Watch Brand

Why You Should Own an IWC Watch Brand

The Unique Split-Seconds Chronograph System

The International Watches Company changed the whole split-seconds chronograph system that existed for a long time.

However, it was only exclusively available to the top-notch watchmaking firms. Richard Habring brought the split-seconds to change to IWC by building the Doppelchrono Reference 3711, and he used the workhorse Valjoux 7750 as the base.

Therefore, with this change, IWC made the splits chronograph simpler. It has been easy to use in different brands, especially those that have steel cases.

A Combination Of The American Engineering And Swiss Craftsmanship

The IWC (International Watch Company) has been making these groundbreaking watches since 1868, a concrete testimony that the company has perfected the art of making the best luxury watches. They have been doing so by combining American and Swiss engineering expertise.

Each of their watches is a piece to marvel at, and they haven’t stopped advancing into new horizons over the years.

A Technical Superior Luxury Watch Brand

Over the years, IWC has dedicated most of its resources to making luxury watches that have kept on amazing their clientele with the technical aspects. To achieve this, the company doesn’t have huge budgets for marketing or seeking endorsements from celebrities.

The technical specifications of IWC luxury watches speak for themselves. For instance, the Grand Complication wristwatch released by the company back in 1990 was one of the most complicated watches made.

It contained 659 parts! It followed the original Grand Complication released in 1890 and had 1,300 parts. Imagine a luxury watch brand that can make a watch calendar system that is accurate for 500 years. Well, IWC achieved this in the first Da Vinci watch and has maintained the calendar system over the years.

Uses Better Shelf-Life Watch Case Coating Material

Many luxury watch brands have stuck to the use of PVD and DLC engineering of the watch cases. However, IWC has steered away from this. The company has used a unique design for its watch cases.

For instance, to maintain the beautiful and aesthetic matte black color in its latest limited watch edition, the Aquatimer, the company uses a thin rubberized coating.

They have proven the rubber coating to have a better shelf life as it is more durable than DLC. The rubber coating protects the steel below the surface, a phenomenon not common with PVD and DLC treatments.

Water-Resistant Luxury Watches

IWC made one of the much-acclaimed water-resistant watches, the Aquatimer, which was the first luxury water-resistant watch up to a depth of 2,000 meters.

IWC has made many water-resistant watches bran; for instance, the Doxa brand stands out as one of the best diving watches.

In the past, IWC has funded several underwater projects, such as the refurbishing of the research vessel Calypso by Casteau for over 40 years. In his underwater research, he used IWC water-resistant watches.

IWC Luxury Watch Brands Are Valuable Collection Pieces

All IWC luxury watches are valuable, and they are made in limited quantities compared to other watch brands in the market.

For instance, the IWC’s Aquatimer is produced in a limited collection and becomes more challenging to find with every passing year. Owning one will become a dream of every other valuable item collector out there.

The Extraordinary Design And Craftsmanship

Every piece made by the company undergoes thorough testing to ensure they design it remarkably, and there is no room for any fault once in use by the end clientele.

Thus, the company strives to give much-needed attention to every piece’s function without compromising each luxury watch’s aesthetic value.

It is equally important to know that Ferdinand Porsche, an engineer who was an iconic design engineer with Volkswagen’s Beetle, has been part of the design team at IWC. He designed the Porsche car brands we all love today.

IWC Luxury Watch Brand Is For A Special Watch-Lovers Breed

People who own IWC luxury watch brands are a special breed since they have a good taste for uniquely crafted pieces. First, they have a specific discerning taste for every item they spend their valuable money on.

Second, they take the time to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of every item they desire to possess. Third, they have a sharp eye for any investment worth their hard-earned money and that they believe will still be valuable for ages to come.

IWC Watches Warranty

First, all IWC watches come with a two-year warranty against defects in the watches’ materials and manufacturing. Second, a guarantee from the purchase date as stated in every invoice or as shown in the warranty booklets.

The Price Range

To see all the IWC’s luxury watches price range, visit Exquisite Timepieces to better look at the affordable prices with the best shipping policies.

Zenith Luxury Watch Brand

Is it a Good Luxury Watch Brand?

A Brief History of the Zenith Company

Established by Georges Favre-Jacot when he was 22, the Zenith Company made its first luxury watches back in 1865. The company has transformed over the years to become one of the best companies in making luxury watches.

The Zenith company was first established in Le Locle, Neuchatel, and was later acquired by the LVMH. Additionally, LVMH transformed the company into luxury watches brand maker and as an addition to LVMH’s Hublot and TAG Heuer, which deal with jewelry and watches.

Zenith’s in-house watchmaking tradition hasn’t changed over the years. The company, initially referred to as the ‘Manufacture Zenith,’ has grown over the years to become one of the top-notch and renowned watchmaking companies.

Their watchmaking capabilities and tradition are firm and promise to live into the future as the company strives to infuse the latest techniques in watchmaking each day.

One of their outstanding pieces is the El Primero Caliber, which has a unique 36,000 vibrations per hour. It is known as the first-ever watch to have the integrated automatic chronograph movement.

What Makes Zenith Luxury Watches Stand Out?

To answer the question if Zenith is a good luxury watch brand, we have to look at several aspects to give us the answers.

Made in Switzerland Luxury Watches Brands

Zenith has stuck to its in-house watchmaking tradition, and all its luxury watch components and movements are made in Switzerland.

Zenith Makes High-Quality Mechanical Watches

For example, if we look at their icon brand, the El Primero brand, its precise mechanical power has thrilled all of its customers. At 36,000 beats per hour, every luxury watch enthusiast who has would be interested in this timepiece.

The engineering of the watches ensures that the mechanical aspect of every watch is of top quality. However, few people, especially in the US, value the Zenith luxury watch brand’s quality. But there is an exception on this with serious watch collectors.

Zenith Competes witth Tag Heuer, IWC, Breitling, and Cartier

A serious person who fully understands their tastes in watches knows that Zenith luxury watches brands are in the same league as the top-notch luxury watch brands.

For instance, you cannot mention Tag Heuer, IWC, Breitling, and Cartier and fail to tag Zenith in the same sentence.

Zenith compares with these three luxury watch brands in terms of a vast history, price ranges, quality of the movements, and the ultimate finish of each timepiece. For example, the Omega’s Speedmaster watch compares to Zenith’s El Primero timepiece.

Timepieces With Movements Built In-House

Among many choices available in the luxury watches brands market, Zenith gives you that in-house built and beautifully crafted finishes.

More importantly, this in-house design tradition provides luxury watch brands that are reliable and aesthetically lovely. For your first luxury watch brand from Zenith, go for luxury watch models with the El Primero movement.


The Zenith Company has many boutiques and authorized sellers all over the world, such as Exquisite Timepieces. The shops and authorized sellers are perfect for providing the best repairs, maintenance service, and tune-ups for your Zenith luxury watch.

The company policy guarantees repairs and maintenance for all their clientele at any service center they choose to send them to. More importantly, the warranty includes an international warranty that deals with manufacturing defects for up to two years after the purchase date.

Has Official Zenith Watches Sellers

To ensure quality and that all its clientele buy only authentic luxury watches, Zenith has genuine sellers and shops. Similarly, you can view all the Zenith luxury watches price range at Exquisite Timepieces, an authorized online shop.

The Bottomline

From this comparison, to get answers to which is the better luxury watch brand, I would go for IWC as the better brand because of the company’s vast history, combined with the inclusion of the latest technology in its latest designs.

IWC produces timepieces to marvel at. On top of that, Ferdinand Porsche, the designer of my favorite car brand Porsche has been part of the IWC’s watchmaking history. What is not to love about IWC? It’s time you got yourself a luxury watch from IWC at Exquisite Timepieces.