Seiko vs. Fossil: Which is the Better Luxury Watch Brand?

Seiko vs Fossil

Seiko vs. Fossil – An Overview

Seiko and Fossil Group (a parent company) are well-known and eminent brands in the worldwide watch market manufactured using leading-edge innovation and technology. Both are tremendous in terms of design, material, and function and are renowned companies.

The chronographic display feature of both the brands is unique to the watches, but Seiko has a far-reaching appeal compared to Fossil because Seiko is one of the oldest and most reliable brands worldwide.

However, the significance of Fossil cannot be ignored. These two brands are competitively equal in quality with a little difference in their features and prices. The series of Seiko watches includes Seiko 5, Seiko Presage, Seiko Prospex, and Grand Seiko.

In contrast, Fossil has various attractive collections that produce the most captivating and eye-catching pieces for the customers, including Emporio Armani, Michael Korrs, the Danish brand Skagen, and Zodiac.

Background of Seiko

Seiko laid its foundation in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan, where Kintaro Hattori, a twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur, started to repair and sell watches in central Tokyo. Up until 1924, Seiko was a jewelry shop. After that, it became a watch brand.

The company rose by keeping its quality high and prices affordable. Seiko’s first watch was the Astron quartz movement watch, which took Seiko to the height of success. It was so creatively manufactured that every other brand started to imitate that watch.

Seiko is responsible for making the quartz watches as standard in the watch market today. Seiko continued making use of technology and innovation in the manufacturing of watches and successfully provided a series of innovative watches one after the other.

Its solar-powered wristwatch became a headline in the watch industry. Later, it introduced a watch for space traveling using Spring Drive movement technology that provides accurate time in space. In 2012, it re-manufactured its Astron series with an update in its current features.

Background of Fossil

Fossil, an American company, was founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis, aiming to target the manufacturing of watches considering fashion perspective. The first public offerings by Fossil took place in 1993, and they continued to add several other brands under its name.

Fossil acquired Zodiac Watches in 2001 and later on purchased Michele Watch in 2004. Keeping the same pace, Fossil succeeded in purchasing Skagen and Misfit until the year 2015.

Soon after penetrating its roots into the watch industry, Fossil built a captivating image among other watch industry brands and provided them with tough competition. Fossil is famous for its distinct designs as it has a focus on fashion watches.

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Seiko and Fossil

Solar Watches

Seiko Premier SSC595P1

This solar watch from the Seiko brand has a strap containing a three-fold clasp with a push button to open. It has a thickness of 11.8 mm and a diameter of 43.4 mm. The solar watch case is made up of stainless steel with a water resistance of 10 ATM. The price of this watch is around $260 to $275.

Fossil Solar Watch

Fossil has recently introduced the solar watch. Its 16 mm wide strap is made of RPET Polyurethane, and it closes using Velcro. It has a black case with a size of 34 mm. Its water resistance is 5 ATM. The price for this watch is $111.20.

Which One is the Best?

Considering the comparison made above, one can quickly identify that Seiko has a heavier body solar watch  compared to Fossil’s solar watch. However, for those who want to have a light-weight watch, Fossil’s solar watch is best for them.

Also, Fossil’s solar watch is cheaper than Seiko’s. Those who want to have a heavy metallic watch may consider the Seiko Premier series of solar watches, but their prices are higher.

Quartz Watch

Seiko Prospex S23629J1

The Seiko quartz watch has stainless steel hard coated case with a band made up of silicone. Its inner surface has an anti-reflective coating. The watch’s case has a thickness of 14.1 mm and has a water resistance of 30 ATM. The price of this watch is around $1,400.

The Minimalist Three-Hand Smoke Stainless Steel Watch by Fossil

This quartz watch from Fossil also has stainless steel strap with a clasp closure and a 22 mm band width. The dial is gray and has a case thickness of 8 mm and a very low water-resistance of 5 mm. The cost of this watch is only $139.

Which One is the Best?

The price difference between the two watches is obvious. The Fossil watch is best for watch-buyers on a budget, but the Seiko quartz watch is suitable for watch-enthusiasts who are willing to pay for a more luxury watch.

Quality and Function Comparison


If we talk about the quality of Seiko, even its lower-ranked watch is admirable and out-class in performance compared to other brands. It is available in different case materials, like stainless steel, titanium, and 18K gold.

They offer various band materials, including leather, silicone, nylon, metal, and urethane. Its key functions include the alarm function, chronograph function, world time function, Greenwich mean-time function, dual-time function and date, and day display function. It features a simple compass, rotating bezel, and tachymeter function.


Fossil Group is famous for supreme quality fashion watches in an affordable price range. Before the launch of Fossil, customers had the choice of choosing either a high-quality watch at a high price or a very low-quality watch at a lower price, but this brand made an in-between choice by manufacturing high-quality watches at reasonable costs.

Also, Fossil watches are packaged in tin boxes as a symbol of the brand. Due to the tin box packing strategy, Fossil watches are the best option for gifting your loved ones.

Considering the Japanese quartz movement of Seiko, Fossil has a plus point of using this function with some exceptions. That makes Fossil watches better than Seiko.

Fossil can also manufacture smart and hybrid watches, which is full of technological advancement and helps to control your mobile phone remotely. This is very advantageous for people doing business who can instantly receive important messages and notifications.

Pricing and Cost

If we compare the price range of Seiko and Fossil, there is a large variation between them.  Seiko watch prices vary between $100 to $10,000. However, Fossil watches range from $90 to $279, which is more affordable.

Warranty Policy

All of the watches from Fossil Group offer a warranty of two years from the purchase date. The warranty covers the defects in the dial, hand, and movement of the watch. The components can be replaced or repaired free of cost. However, defects in battery, case, strap, or damage due to negligence are not covered under warranty.

Seiko offers a warranty of one year worldwide. The second and third-year warranty is only offered to the service in the US. Their warranty also covers repairs free of cost for any defects in the metallic band, on the watch case, or the watch’s movement. However, the company will charge for repairs in the following instances, even if it is under warranty period:

  • Leather exchange
  • Damage caused to the glass or case because of improper handling
  • Scratches on the body of the watch
  • Replacement of a battery
  • If the warranty certificate is missing

Which is Better – Seiko or Fossil?

It is up to you to decide! It is impossible to deny both Seiko and Fossil’s performance, and it is a tough decision to choose between them. Although Fossil watches are much cheaper than Seiko’s, the kinetic and mechanical movement and Spring Drive technology make Seiko distinct from Fossil.

Unlike Fossil, Seiko has an extensive collection of sport and solar watches, making this brand more appealing.