Longines vs. Rolex: Which is the Better Luxury Watch Brand?

Longines vs Rolex luxury watch brand

Rolex and Longines are both emblematic and iconic Swiss watch brands. Both companies have done amazing things in technology, creativity, and automatic chronograph, and making a change and expanding borders.

Rolex is the third most well-known Swiss watch brand worldwide that has almost 100 percent international recognition. Longines is number 24 of the same top 50 Swiss brands that make it the fifth-ranked Swiss watch brand worldwide. It is a well-known brand, but people remember Rolex more.

When you wear each watch, you will hear more comments about Rolex since more people will remember Rolex than Longines. However, people who know all about watches would know that Longines is also a great watch brand, although it is low-market compared to Rolex.

Let’s dig into some of the watch features and compare Rolex and Longines side by side, starting from prices, value, quartz versions, warranty, unique features, and showing some iconic examples of both brands.

Longines vs. Rolex Prices

Rolex and Longines could be among the most comparable to each other. Both brands have compared pricing points for their watches, while Rolex appears to have significantly higher prices watches than Longines.  

Rolex rates start at about $5,700, which is around seven times more than the cheapest Longines watch. At the moment, the cheapest new Rolex watch will be the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm men watch followed by the Rolex Datejust 31mm ladies watches, which cost around $500 more than the Oyster Perpetual 39m.

Like other Rolexes, they use automatic calibers that are purely mechanical movements. Longines prices begin at much lower prices than Rolex, with more affordable watches like the 43mm Conquest or the men’s 41mm and 39mm Longines HydroConquest Quartz for around $200 more than the 43mm Conquest.

These Longines watches have cost-effective battery-powered quartz movements, unlike Rolex, which has no quartz watches. The more costly Longines watches use automatic calibers.

Which Holds Value Most, Rolex or Longines?

Longines is an outstanding watch. The brand value, the recognition of a product, and resale value are closely related. Some watches have high resale value for other reasons, including the rare or legendary watch quality. If we compare the resale value, Rolex watches win!

Although watch enthusiasts will remember Longines as a beautiful watch and a widely regarded brand selling both mechanical and quartz watches, some watch lovers who typically marvel at micromechanics prefer to speak positively of brands that sell exclusively mechanical watches. Despite that, there are still many people who favor quartz watches, and we should consider this.

The day you use the product and its status changes from new to used, regardless of how often you have used it, it immediately lacks some of its original appeal. The Longines watches are not different.

There are a few brands that, on average, retain more of their initial worth at the time of sale, such as Rolex. Of course, some versions of Longines will keep their value, such as limited editions. That leads us to discuss some typical explanations of why certain people would (or would not) buy a Longines watch or a Rolex watch.

First, they have a history that they are precise quartz watches like the Longines Conquest VHP 41mm, which stands for Very High Precision, and delivers on the pledge of just a deviation of +/-5 seconds each year. Second, people think there are a variety of styles to pick from them. Third, the watches are in a variety of sizes and case styles. Finally, they both have some limited edition watches.

Quartz Versions

Longines has quartz versions that provide more accuracy and require less maintenance than mechanical watches. Longines introduced us to a new quartz movement, which marks the return of the Very High Precision “VHP” watches, in an exciting surprise.

For the brand, Longines wanted to move ahead of Baselworld 2017. Therefore, this would play a vital role in the brand’s plan. There is a long love story between Longines and quartz movements that started in 1954 and lasted until today.

Rolex doesn’t make quartz watches. They pride themselves on making automatic watches that people consider the most prestigious for watch lovers and enthusiasts in the world. There was Rolex quartz in the past.

The Rolex Oysterquartz was on their catalog in 2001, but after the last run, they have concentrated on manufacturing only high-end and high-precision mechanical calibers for their watches.

Warranty Duration

Longines is a significant brand. However, it is not as famous as Rolex watches, and the warranty duration is just two years compared to the five-year warranty for Rolex.

Unique Features About Rolex vs. Longines

Longines has placed its brand on the luxury watch market through its unique range of products, as the manufacturer of high-quality, affordable, and durable watches. They have many high-quality device watches that contain horological complexities, including retrograde, chronographs, and GMT/Dual Time Zone. They have competitive prices. 

Rolex has patented many inventions, including its Parachrom blue bracelets, its Osterflex bracelets, Oysterlock bracelets, and the Everose gold (rose gold). Rolex is the most well-known luxury watch brand worldwide, and they have a better release value than other luxury watch brands.

The Rolex Submariner, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, The Rolex Adventurer, Sea Dweller, and many more deliver a series of iconic Rolex watches. Their automatic watches are indeed Superlative Chronometers, which are extremely reliable and precise mechanical movements with a minimum accuracy of-2/+2 seconds per day.

The significant feature of Rolex watches is that they have multiple blingy-styles with diamond bezels, valuable metals of all types, and dials with diamonds. Many inventions are copy-righted by Rolex, such as the Parachrome blue, the Osterflex bracelet, the Oysterlock, and the Everose gold alloy.

The Rolex brand is masterful, and COSC has accredited it. After that, it has gone under strict final controls by Rolex in their labs, according to their specifications. That goes beyond the norms and standards of the watchmaking industry. That said, Rolex goes above and above the specifications of the COSC.

The Three Most Iconic Watches in Rolex vs. Longines

There is no doubt for most people who want to invest in a good watch what brand they’re going to go for first, Rolex. For most of a century, the crowned King of Luxury Timepieces has ruled high and today is one of the most renowned brands globally.


The Submariner is the most iconic diving watch that everyone seeks out. Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms owe almost as much to modern diving watches, but it is still the most replicated diver ever made is the Submariner. In 1953, they founded the first watch to crack the 100 m depth limit.

GMT Master II

The GMT Master was crafted for pilots in the golden age as the first and most recognizable two time zone watch. The original edition allows you to display two time zones connected to the local 12-hour time by the bezel and 24-hour side. However, In the GMT Master II, you can set the hand separately for 24 hours and track three time zones effectively.


The Daytona was introduced in 1963 and is always the most sought after timepiece worldwide.

Longines Masters

The most famous reloading range of Longines is in the Master Collection. The thing that people appreciate most in Longines is the material. Each timepiece is from durable stainless steel, a luxurious sapphire crystal, and high-quality leather.

Within the watches, the movements are different, but each of them is outstanding. Many of them also have a 50-hour power reserve, remarkable due to their price range.

Longines HydroConquest

Every powerhouse manufactures dive watches, and there are various reasons for this. This type of watch is unbelievably common. Watch companies want to serve and sell items for their clients, so they make pieces they like.

The second explanation is to demonstrate their abilities. While fashionable and dress watches only have to look nice and keep the time, a dive watch has to stand up to the conditions.

Longines La Grande Classique

The best thing about Longines is the variety of collections. They don’t make people choose between dive watches and pieces of luxury. Instead, they have a variety of designs that satisfy almost any buyer. La Grande Classique is a slim, elegant, and luxurious set of timepieces.

So, which brand is the best luxury watch? The answer to this question depends on your preferences and tastes, and there is no specific set answer. If you look at the debates, you will find that some believe that Longines is the best, and others agree that Rolex is the best. The choice is all yours!