Track 1

Singer Reimagined presents the latest edition of its revolutionary, award-winning sports chronograph.

The Track1 – Emirates Edition has a black matte, ceramic-aluminum case with golden details. A watch of contrasts, the Emirates Edition combines iconic design with cutting-edge engineering and a sporting character with touches of luxury.

Singer Reimagined makes contrast a signature

For this 5th edition of the Singer Track1 collection, Singer Reimagined chooses a ceramic-aluminium case. The restrained, matte finishing perfectly contrasts with the golden, polished titanium details obtained through ZrN treatment.

The dial allows for maximum readability thanks to its unique design that presents all chronograph functions on a central counter. Time of the day is displayed on the periphery of the dial with an index at 6 o’clock showing time against two rotating disks for minutes and hours. A logical separation of functions.

The deep, khaki green, is a favorite colour of designer Marco Borraccino. A special hue chosen for its ability to enhances golden details, it is simultaneously sporty and luxurious.

The chronograph registers take central stage on the dial, surrounded by a golden rehaut, 43 mm in diameter. The barrel-shaped case features an ergonomic shape in subtle, black matte finishes. The start stop pushers are located on either side of the case for ease of operations. The crown is seamlessly integrated into the base band. Form combined with function.

Cutting-edge engineering and material science, together with bespoke finishing

The ceramic- aluminum material used on the Emirates Edition case is created through oxidation using an electro-plasma technique that transforms the upper layer of the aluminum into a ceramic. This process ensures that the case retains the lightness of aluminum together with durability and scratch resistance of a ceramic material.

The golden finishing of the components is obtained thanks to a ZrN treatment on titanium. Beyond the golden color it gives to the material, ZRN treatment helps to improve resistance to wear and enhances the hardness of the upper layers of the material.

The engine

While the chronograph is one of the most popular complications, most people do not realize that its mechanism is among the most complex to design and manufacture. The result of ten years of development, this groundbreaking piece of mechanical ingenuity is radically different from anything that has come before it, completely redefining fundamental principles that have remained unchanged for decades.

“This groundbreaking timepiece of mechanical ingenuity is radically different from anything that has come before it.”