Tudor vs. Tag Heuer: Which is the Leading Brand in Luxury Watches?

Tudor vs Tag Heuer

Luxury watches are time-preserved accessories representing style, trends, fashion, and even historical significance. Many iconic luxury watches are one of a kind and passed down through generations. Brands like Tudor and Tag Heuer are both popularly known brands among Swiss watches.

Both Heuer and Tudor date their roots back to 1860 and 1926, respectively. Both brands are recognized among the best in the market. But the debate over Tudor vs. Tag Heuer has been a never-ending topic of discussion for years.

Tag Heuer is widely recognized and found among many sports industry sectors; Tudor is more inclined towards the fashion industry. However, both the brands can vouch for the top-notch mechanics of the products delivering impeccable functionality in their wake.

It is understandable to see many torn between Tudor and Tag Heuer, but this article will help you make a wise choice between the brands to decide what suits you best.

Tudor vs. Tag Heuer: History and Overview

Dating back to their respective histories, both Tudor and Tag Heuer fall under the category of luxury Swiss watches.


Founded and recognized as the sister brand to Rolex, Tudor was established in 1926 by the man who was the mind behind Rolex SA, Hans Wilsdorf. Tudor was meant to retain the luxury charm of the Rolex brand but at lower prices.

But with its timeless pieces and innovation, the brand managed to break out of that shell. Tudor watches now fall under some of the most high-end watches whose popularity is next only to Rolex.

These elegant watches that are primarily designed for the most affluent society sections can cost over a thousand dollars apiece. With the passing years, Tudor watches gained pace among the military and professional swimmers and divers, specifically going for their tool watches.

To this day, among its varied collection of beautifully crafted masterpieces, Tudor has gained a status for its over the top tool watches, including their collection of time watches.

However, Tudor is not always assumed to be affiliated with its parent brand. For good reasons, Tudor has managed to walk out of Rolex’s shadow with its innovative quality to keep experimenting with its products.

Not being governed as heavily by traditions as Rolex does, Tudor does manage to reflect itself among the more advanced pieces of the modern world. With scale variety in terms of innovations, Tudor holds the flag when comparing Tudor vs. Tag Heuer.

Tag Heuer

Established long ago in 1860 in Switzerland, Heuer didn’t gain its “Tag” until 1985 when the Tag holdings bought the company, and it came to be known as Tag Heuer. Registered by the founder, Edouard Heuer, the brand falls as one of the most popular brands among Swiss watches to this day.

The company soon fluently made its way into the sports sector, giving it the potential to influence a greater audience segment. Tag Heuer takes charge this time in the Tudor vs. Tag Heuer conundrum.  

Acing at delivering accuracy, Heuer has gone up to form many partnerships with various sports companies. It should be noted that it is not easy for a brand to land a partnership with sports companies. This has given Heuer many chances to make its historical mark with top-notch watch movements.

Since accuracy is important in the sports industry, especially when talking about automobile racing, Heuer has proved its worth and exposed itself to more extensive advertising.

As a result of its extreme exposure to such a major industry, Tag Heuer currently has a following of 2.5 million on Instagram, whereas Tudor stands at a generous following of 819,000. In 2016, Heuer held an alliance with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, which ended in 2018.

This partnership allowed the brand to enter markets that may not necessarily deem ideal for their company. Under this project, Heuer held top-tier public figures like Chris Hemsworth, David Guetta, Mohammad Ali, and Martin Garrix as their brand ambassadors.

One significant piece came out of the accurate craftsmanship of Heuer that helped the brand gain its popularity in the sports industry. The watch is called the Heuer Mikrograph, launched in 1916 that got Heuer in the eyes of major sports establishments. This piece led the brand into the Olympics, where Heuer became the official timekeeper in 1920.

Tudor vs. Tag Heuer: Popular Watches and Collections

Tag Heuer

The founder of Heuer was quite the innovator and hence made his historic mark in watchmaking. Making his first patent chronograph in 1882, he went on to make his oscillating pinion, which is used even to this day. This part has proved its use in stopping and starting the timer. This design went on to be used in planes, boats, and cars for chronographs.

The alliance formed with the sports industry has proved to be very profitable for Heuer, giving high profile exposure to the brand. The brand has gained a reputation in building somewhat strong and sporty looking watches that are aesthetically pleasing from its advertising campaign, ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure.’

The brand recently entered the age of smartwatches, which come as a nest of interchangeable features. The touchscreen-ruled design allows various facets of the product to be customized, including the straps and the watch head. Below are some of the famous collections from Tag Heuer that delivered its most unique and timeless pieces.

First designed by the great-grandson of Edouard Heuer, the Carrera chronograph was known for its simple design. The iconic collection has been modified with time and stood out for its reliability, attractive design, and advanced improvements and features.

It’s almost impossible to talk about Heuer and not talk about Carrera. If you are a true fan of iconic watches, one of these Carrera watches should be a must in your collection.

  • Calibre 16 Day-Date Manuel Fangio
  • Calibre 36 Flyback Chronograph
  • Carrera Calibre 6 Chronometer
  • Carrera Calibre 1887 – White and Brown
  • Carrera Calibre 16 – White
  • Carrera Calibre 5
  • Carrera Calibre 7 Twin-Time
  • Calibre 5 Drive Timer
  • Carrera Nismo (Special Edition: Le Mans)
  • Carrera Calibre 16 Day-Date


Since Tudor is a brand that is practically the second child of Rolex’s founder, Tudor’s production and manufacturing ideology comes close to that of Rolex. Both brands aim to deliver flawless quality. In terms of movements, Tudor, however, utilizes both certified and non-certified chronometer movements delivering exact movements.

Apart from the outstanding accuracy, Tudor’s deeply rooted bond with its parent company, Rolex, assures extreme reliability and quality when it comes to movements, along with being durable and somewhat cheaper. Among its many prestigious collections, below are those three collections that almost stopped the “time.”

The collections above consisted of some of the most iconic and timeless pieces in history. The collections are exquisite and represent class, uniqueness, and above all, strength. Following is the list of those outstanding pieces from Tudor’s long list of collections, representing respected history and spirit.

  • Tudor Montecarlo 7149/0
  • Tudor Prince Date 79260
  • Tudor Oysterdate 7032/0
  • Tudor Heritage Black Bay S&G
  • Tudor Clair de Rose
  • Tudor Black Bay 2.0
  • Tudor Heritage Advisor
  • Tudor Heritage Advisor Cognac
  • Tudor Black Pelagos 2.0
  • Tudor Black Bay GMT

Tudor vs. Tag Heuer: Which Luxury Watch Brand Holds Greater Value?

There can’t possibly be a simple answer to who wins between Tudor vs. Tag Heuer. Both brands have deep histories that date back decades and have separately grown in quality, reliability, and durability.

Tudor and Tag Heuer have slowly become massive empires and hold places among the top luxury brands for Swiss watches. Moreover, their value is relative to personal needs and wants with certain criteria to make a decision.

Even with their separate ways of delivering uniqueness with quality, real enthusiasts have been comparing Tudor and Tag Heuer forever. The answer may vary to many, but we know that both brands deliver classic charm and quality worth every penny.

With that being said, Tudor takes the stand in Tudor vs. Tag Heuer. Why? Tudor takes pride in its innovations and advancements with modern times and offers additional features. And at the same time, it preserves its quality and never-ending unique and classic spirit with its root in the evergreen Rolex.

So from now on, stay tuned for all the iconic pieces in Tudor’s collections and take pride in their unique and iconic designs.