Seiko vs. Tissot: Which is the Better Luxury Watch Brand?

Seiko vs Tissot luxury watch brand

Whenever there is a comparison of Seiko vs. Tissot, it’s never easy because both are considered two of the best and finest luxury watch brands in more comprehensive price ranges. Both of them are equally popular in the watch industry, known for the durability, reliability, beauty, and cost-effectiveness of their products. 

In this article, we will point out the different characteristics of the two brands. Tissot no doubt provides its users with luxurious watches with unique designs. On the other hand, Seiko is famous for its durability, construction, design, and beauty.

Seiko vs. Tissot – Watch Comparisons

Chronograph Watches

1. Seiko Prospex Solar Dive Watch SSCO17

If you are checking out a watch with all Seiko features, the Prospex Solar will be a decent choice. This is because it has a reasonable price and the looks are beautiful.

Moreover, the watch has an eye-catching design, including healthy and robust hardware manufacturing. The same is designed not only for casual wear but for rugged environments, too.

This dive watch has a stainless-steel bracelet attached along with it, including a black-accented bezel. The new piece comes with three sub-dials mentioning display dates between 4 and 5 o’clock. The best feature of the same dive model is that it works smoothly in low-light environments, using the luminous finish.

The new product comes in a box with a 44-millimeter stainless steel case along with 20-millimeter band width. Hardlex crystal used in the watch is indeed durable and resists any kinds of scratches. As far as the waterproof feature is concerned, this watch is waterproof to 660 feet.

The product prides itself on its accuracy, time-keeping, design, and manufacturing. It delivers as per your expectations and is a well-made product available at a reasonable cost. The product is available for under $500 on online stores worldwide.

2. Tissot T Sport Textured Dial Watch

Continuing the Seiko vs. Tissot comparison, Tissot also stands in the frontline. This chronograph watch,Tissot T Sport Textured Dial Watch, is a fantastic product used specifically for racing and sporting events. An impressive piece with a stylish design, the T Sport watch is the best choice for numerous occasions.

As far as manufacturing and design are concerned, the product is perfectly made from silver stainless steel comprising a one-directional black bezel. This black bezel makes the case and band more noticeable. The watch is designed with a 42 mm case (diameter), which is 8 mm thick. Durability and comfort are guaranteed with this watch.

The watch’s dial is perfectly protected and covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This is because this crystal has anti-glare finishing. The watch uses quartz technology, which is an analog comprising of three sub-dials. The watch also comes with a tachymeter located on the rim. The date on the watch is displayed at 4 o’clock.

As far as waterproofing is concerned, the watch can survive 650 feet underwater, making it suitable for underwater activities, but the product is not recommended for deep-sea scuba diving.

Dress Watches

1. Seiko Shinobu Ishigaki

This Seiko product is the best choice for any formal event. Its dial comprises of a sundial design, making it unique from others. The watch is a perfect choice for the outdoors. The case’s diameter is approximately 40 mm, and the band is 20 mm wide. The bezel is made of stainless steel mixed with a black leather band.

This Seiko product can perform self-winding movement and can last for 50 hours continuously, even when not worn. The watch’s dial is protected beautifully by Hardlex crystal, making it scratch-resistant. Water-resistance is one of its core features as it can bear 165 feet of underwater depth.

2. Tissot Unisex Everytime Swissmatic Watch

Tissot uniquely introduces its product as the Unisex Everytime Watch. As can be seen from the name, both genders can use this product. Its simple, beautiful, and elegant design is what makes it stand out of the crowd.

The watch comes with a stainless steel case blended with a black dial and silver accented hands and numerals. The watch offers a timeless design for young watch lovers. Moreover, the same also features a high-quality leather band in numerous designs and styles.

The product offers three hands showing the hours, minutes, and seconds. Moreover, the watch also features scratch-resistant crystal along with waterproofing up to 100 feet in depth. This watch is suitable for any formal occasion, but it can be worn for daily casual wear.

Seiko vs. Tissot Quality Comparison

You can quickly evaluate any watch’s looks, but the quality is something not easy to determine. Both of the brands are considered pioneers producing reliable timepieces for the last few decades. Let’s compare them in quality of their movements and product prices.


Both brands exhibit three types of movements, including quartz, solar quartz, and automatic.

Automatic – Seiko is the best timepiece provider in this regard at a given price range where it outclasses many other brands. As far as the quality comparison in movement is concerned, both are at top-class positions, and no clear winner is defined. Tissot no doubt offers more automatic movement features than Seiko, but still, Seiko is affordable, cost-effective, and available in higher quantities.

Quartz – Whenever quartz watches are discussed, Tissot provides accurate, reliable, and durable products. Seiko has quartz movements for its products as well. Its quartz is durable and accurate and never let the users down. Moreover, price-wise, Tissot quartz costs are way higher than Seiko, at $200 or even more, whereas Seiko’s starting price is $100.

Solar Quartz – Here again, solar quartz is where Seiko perfectly outclasses Tissot by a mile. Tissot only offers one T-Touch series with a solar quartz movement, but Seiko provides an array of these pieces in various designs ranging from sports to dress. Prospex and Astron as some the best examples.


As we know, Tissot employs sapphire crystal, and its brand is also Swiss causing greater production costs plus strict outsourcing and substantial labor costs. This makes the Tissot watches more costly than Seiko. The difference may not be as grand as expected because it is up to the wearer and his budget.

On the other hand, an ordinary Seiko piece usually costs 100-200 USD minimum compared to Tissot, which may cost 400-500 USD for the piece with the same features and specs. They have the same price difference for quartz watches, as discussed earlier for both the brands. 

Quick Comparison: Seiko VS Tissot

Tissot Products

  • Have the best quality crystal
  • Offer a more elegant design
  • Provide better specifications for the automatic caliber
  • Comprise of a fantastic selection of timepieces for smart attires
  • Offer limited styles
  • Cost more than Seiko’s timepieces

As far as Seiko is concerned:

  • Seiko wins for the solar quartz movement.
  • It has an excellent selection of professional dive wristwear.
  • It no doubt provides more functions than Tissot.
  • It has a perfect selection of styles.
  • It costs less.

Tissot is the perfect brand for those who love to decorate their wrists with Swiss elegance. When it comes to reliability, both of them offer fabulous standards for the money paid.

Conclusion: Seiko vs. Tissot – Which is Better?

Summing it all up, it’s a tough call to decide the best one. Seiko is the winner in numerous departments, including price, durability, quartz movement, style, design, and beauty. Seiko beats Tissot with:

  • Better solar quartz movement
  • The best dive wristwear selection
  • More functions
  • A wide selection of styles
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Solar quartz feature where Tissot doesn’t have much to offer styles for the same watch movement features.