Omega vs. Zenith – A Deep Analysis

Omega vs Zenith luxury watch brand

This article will provide you with a detailed analysis of Omega and Zenith and help you determine which brand will be an excellent choice for a new luxury watch. Every luxury watch brand has several differences in its features, making them unique from the other brands.

The two brands, Omega and Zenith, are Swiss brands, and they are headquartered in Switzerland, which is also known as the Land of Luxury Watch Brands.

Omega and Zenith have successfully covered the journey of excellence while achieving a great place in their customers’ hearts in terms of technology and craftsmanship. It isn’t easy to compare Omega and Zenith’s features as both these brands are distinct in their respective places regarding quality and accuracy.


Omega’s watchmaking qualities are diversified daily, and they do this by using their revolutionary technology and expertise. The watches offer great features, including master chronometer, quartz, manual winding, chronograph, and automatic watches.

A wide range of exclusive sports, dress, and dive watches are also available, providing customers with a good range of choices. Their sports watches are reputed among the sports industry in quality, precision chronograph, and timekeeping in swimming, golf, and sailing races. However, what makes the Omega distinctive and noticeable is its Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Omega has always been a top choice for astronauts and interstellar groups since 1969. NASA approved the Omega’s Speedmaster series for space flight traveling. It has a commendation of making the world’s first iconic chronograph watch (Speedmaster) that was worn on the moon by Buzz Aldrin.

This became the primary reason for Omega’s popularity among watch enthusiasts. This watch brand got recognition as one of the most reputed and alluring brands in the luxury watch industry. Their quartz and automatic watches also get attention, but they cannot be compared with the revolution caused by the Speedmaster Moonwatch.


Zenith is one of the few Swiss watch companies that are crafting watches under the same roof. They love to add value to their upcoming models, which makes their watches exceptional. Moving from El Primero to El Primero 21, Zenith has made a remarkable innovation in engineering by replacing more than 30 components and has pushed its boundaries towards an innovative future.

This watchmaking brand was founded in the 19th century by Georges Favre-Jacot. Later, it became an expert in creating remarkable advances in its innovative manufacturing, including the chronometric feature.

Zenith manufactures its watches using up-to-date proportions and harmonizing innovative materials. Its most important invention was the manufacturing of El Primero that has made history in the watchmaking industry. However, El Primero did not attain the same recognition as Omega’s Moonwatch.

Zenith’s mechanical chronographs are extremely precise, and it is counted amongst their most distinctive products. This makes Zenith an exceptional choice over Omega and other watch brands. Other than El Primero, Zenith also has a collection of Elite, Pilot, and Star watch, which are quite popular because of their comprehensive pricing.

Water Resistance

Omega has been successfully making a unique collection of chronographic watches using sophisticated technologies in its Seamaster series. This series has a plethora of water-resistant watches, including:

Conversely, the DEFY collection of Zenith has all water-resistant watches. This collection includes

  • Defy El Primero 21 (water-resistance of 100m)
  • Defy Classic (water-resistance of 100m)
  • Defy Midnight (water-resistant to 10 ATM)
  • Defy Double Tourbillion (water-resistance of 100m)
  • Defy Zero-G (water-resistance of 100m)
  • Defy Fusee Tourbillion (water-resistant to 10 ATM)
  • Defy Inventor (water-resistance of 100m)

Who Manufactures Better Mechanical Chronographic Watches? Omega or Zenith?

This question’s answer can be very challenging because both Omega and Zenith are the top-class creators of chronometer watches. Omega is irreplaceable because of its chronometric feature designated in most of the Omega wristwatches.

It is among those Swiss watch brands striving for its mechanical functioning and catering to every hurdle with its precision quality. The use of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) is common in all mechanical watches, but one significant problem it can cause is its interference with the watch’s movement, causing deviation in time, making it faster than it should be.

To solve this issue, several watchmakers have initiated the use of silicon while building components of the watch to counteract the consequence of EMF. Omega has proved itself to be the master of all brands in countering this issue.

The introduction of chronographic watches alleviates this problem as these watches are so accurate and precise that they can easily endure the interference of high amplitude of EMF. Zenith has still been revolutionizing to align with Omega in terms of its mechanical functioning of watches.

Going from a mechanical watch to a watch having a gravity effect using a gyroscopic mechanism, Zenith has pursued high-precision chronometry.

This watch brand’s artifacts are iconic among all other watch brands, and its chronographic feature has become a symbol of excellence amongst chronograph wristwatches. El Primero was the first automatic chronograph globally, and it has been 50 years of its production. This series is still producing a high-quality range.

Keeping in view the accuracy of a mechanical watch, Omega has a much higher place in the watch industry than Zenith because of its Master Chronometer watches. Still, if you plan to buy a Zenith watch, you can consider its El Primero models as its movement is aesthetically pleasing.

Accuracy and Precision

As you know, the accuracy and precision of any watch can be revealed by taking a keen look at the watch’s movement. The mechanical chronographic Omega watches are considered outstanding mechanical timepieces because of their ability to measure time with a deviation of +4 to -6 deviation per day.

After further advancement in technology, Omega can provide more precise and accurate chronometric watches certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute. They are titled Master Chronometer as they measure time with an accuracy of -0 to +5 seconds/day.

On the other hand, Zenith has always been on top for offering precise chronograph movement. The El Primero series’s chronographic watches exhibit a high-frequency beat rate having an oscillation of 36,000 beats per hour (5 Hz), and its accuracy and precision rely upon its column-wheel mechanism.

It has a high rate that measures 0.1 of a second with a tendency to maintain its position while keeping the accuracy. Its specific watch models operate as a function of the measured release of tension in the watch’s spring. Zenith also has the credit to manufacture the very first chronograph caliber, which has a self-winding feature.


As compared to Zenith, Omega offers very affordable price ranges for its watches, starting from $2,000 up to $30,000 for more advanced models. Whereas, Zenith is a more expensive brand having prices ranging from $3,300 to $92,000.

Resale Worth

Yearly, Omega produces 800,000 watches, while Zenith only manufactures 40,000 pieces. According to supply and demand law, one who manufactures a greater number of products may have lower resale value. However, this isn’t the only factor to be considered.

The resale worth of any watch depends on various other factors like its condition, warranty period, iconic edition, and the number of times it has been repaired. So we cannot say whether Omega or Zenith has the best resale value. If the condition of the watch is good, it is expected to get a good resale percentage.


As of July 1, 2018, Omega has extended its international warranty period from two years to five years, building ultimate trust. On the other hand, Zenith only provides its customers with a two-year warranty encompassing all manufacturing shortcomings and operational inconveniences.

If you have any questions and queries regarding repairing your watch, you can visit their website as it contains all the terms and conditions and provides you with customer care service under your warranty period.

Omega or Zenith?

There are several aspects to be considered when deciding on a watch in terms of quality, value, warranty, and mechanical & chronographic features. Zenith is globally famous for its El Primero collection, which still holds the unambiguous accuracy and precision; Omega is the oldest brand and has made its big name in the watch industry.

Customers can trust these watches in terms of quality. Omega has the credit for manufacturing the Moonwatch and recognizing its hurdle by fighting with the EMF interference that affected the watch’s movement. This makes Omega a superior brand over Zenith. Also, the price range for Omega watches is more competitive than Zenith watches, so buying Omega watches will surely be a wise choice.